7 Tips for Interns

Internship sure is a challenging period, but be reminded that it is one of the best periods in medical career  and what you learn during this period will go a long way in moulding you to be a good practising clinician.

Just few suggestions for this period:

1. Make the best use of this period. Don't study for PG entrance at the cost of neglecting  your internship work. Make the best use of this time to sharpen your clinical knowledge and skills. Get the PGs to teach you.... asking questions--when they see your interest they will teach. You can read up the theory part of what you see each day in the wards and op and that itself is a good learning. Don't get upset seeing your colleagues preparing for PG  with their MCQ books- there is a time for that- not now!

2. Don't feel upset at working hard- this is the time when you should work hard and get maximum knowledge and skills..even your community medicine postings! You will never get this period in your life again.

3. Don't feel guilty if you can't have a regular personal devotion every day like your student period due to pressure of duty. Whenever you have time after duty - day or night find time to be alone with God. God is there for you 24 hours! Even if you miss some days due to pressure of work, it is fine-God still loves you, but get back at the earliest. During your working hours try to take a couple of minutes periodically connecting with the Lord in your heart.

4. Whenever possible find time to have some fellowship- either in church or fellow believers or your local fellowship. Too long a gap from Christian fellowship will make you lose your spiritual vitality.

5. Take good rest whenever you get time. Routine of sleep may be altered but when you get time off, get a good nap and that will keep you fresh. Also do not neglect your food. Exercise may be difficult but if possible find time to play a game at least once or twice a week!

6. Don't be tempted to do private practise to make some quick money! It is illegal and not God honoring.

7. This is a time when you work closely with the opposite sex. Hence Watch out for wrong relationships especially since you are often tired and long for some company. God will work out things in His own time beautifully.