I work as an Obstetrician in a mission hospital. A young unmarried girl was brought to my clinic by her mother, pregnant after being abused by a member of the family. The father had not been informed of the incident. She demanded an abortion. I attempted counselling against abortion and encouraged to continue the pregnancy and hand over the baby for adoption.  But the mother was scared as the girl’s life was in danger if the father knew about the matter. As a policy, personally and as an institution we do not practise abortion. What are the options for me as a Christian obstetrician in such situations in our country?
The only way to face the issue  is to take the Christian/Biblical  stand regarding the termination of unwanted/unexpected  pregnancy i.e allow the pregnancy to continue and help the person and the family to go through this crisis by being by their side. We have no right to take away life; only God is the author and giver of life. We have to look for a person in the family or close to the family who can help especially to break the news to the father.
We need all the grace of God and prayer to counsel the person and help her and family to move forward in this painful situation with extreme sensitivity and compassion without being judgmental.
We also have to accept the fact that ultimately the family will have the freedom to decide.