Entitled for Reservation Quota ???

 became a disciple of Jesus Christ a few years back. After finishing my MBBS, I could not make it for Post graduation after a few attempts. Finally in desperation, I applied under the reserved category as a Hindu (using my earlier position) and made it. I finished part of my post-graduation and now feel quite guilty about it. I have a thought to discontinue my course but as per the rules, I have to pay back a large amount to the Government. I am confused and do not know how to proceed. Please advice.
                                                                                                                Dr PS, AP

I appreciate the sensitivity in the spirit and willingness of the questioner to make restitution, rather than pushing it under the carpet.
The first part of the question is already answered rightly and honestly by the questioner, that it is not right to claim reservation for PG when one ceases to be a Hindu as per the present rules of our land (of course, the rightness of this rule itself is under question)
Is it not part of the price we are to pay for our faith? ( " call to suffer " is part of the "call to follow JESUS"  as Peter writes in his letter- 1 Peter. .2:20-21).
The next part, namely what can be done now to rectify this is difficult as it has certain legal and procedural issues in it. Some questions  need to be asked and clarified before proceeding as one has to "count the cost": 
Is it possible now to go back into this matter as the course in question is already done partly?
What is the procedure?
What are the legal and financial implications?
If the questioner is willing I can discuss these issues personally before proceeding further.