Private Practice & NPA

I work in a government hospital and am given NPA (Non Practising Allowance) by my govt which is given to all Govt doctors in my state. But we often get invitations from private hospitals that also need doctors to take care of the patients. Since a few of us are the only anaesthetists in town and most of us in the govt sector, if we don't make ourselves available, patients suffer in these hospitals and often surgeries cannot be performed. I therefore feel obliged to go and help them. How do I resolve this dilemma from a Christian perspective? 


Thank you for frankly sharing the dilemma you are facing in your practical life. As you will agree, there are always several sides to one issue as issues are not always black or white as we would like them to be. However let me offer my personal opinion in this matter as follows: 

You have a contract or agreement with the govt. that you will not  practice outside; that is why NPA is given. Once you are in the govt. service you have to abide by the rules of the govt. and so set an example of Christian Govt. service, if I may put it that way. If you are sure that you are in the govt. service as a calling from God, then give all your time and service as that is your "mission" field; I do have a few Christian friends who have joined the Govt. service as a calling, as a mission. And they have a good Christian witness in their areas, offering ethical and compassionate care which opens up natural avenues for the Gospel. As you know it is a real opportunity in the difficult govt. sector to be a Christian doctor.

(So, I hope, it is clear that going to the private hospitals with this rule by the Govt. is against the commitment you have now with the govt.)

Please read Romans 13:1-7 where Paul writes about our response to governments and authorities as Christians.