EMFI welcomes you to be part of the larger fellowship of members across the country. As a member, you have tremendous opportunities to give and receive. All you have to do is to send in your personal information by clicking on the link below: Click here to download EMFI Membership Application. There is no structured membership fee. However, you are welcome to donate towards the needs of the ministry.

A member:

• Becomes part of a national network of doctors & dentists and finds fellowship in many parts of India.

• Receives a quarterly Newsletter & other publications that will keep them in touch with others and learn about issues that affect faith & practice.

• Receives personal encouragement, guidance & prayer support through the local fellowships and other members.

• Can get information and attend Regional or National level camps or conferences to strengthen their faith and catch a new vision.

• Becomes aware of ethical issues and commercial practices affecting the practice of their profession and the Christian response.

• Can use their talents & resources to develop and mentor other students or doctors in different areas.

• Learns about advances in Medical Missions and has opportunities to visit & minister to poor people in mission situations.


EMFI Membership Form