Our Aims

Our Aims

• EMFI seeks to help members recognize their profession as a CALLING from God and regard the care of the patient as an expression of God’s love; to express God’s authority in the moral aspects of medical practice, endeavouring to establish the highest attainable standards of Christian life and professional ethics.

• EMFI actively facilitates FELLOWSHIP for the Christian members of the Medical & Dental professions and unites them in their common loyalty to Jesus Christ, reminding them to live a life of service to each other and their patients.

• EMFI equips its members to WITNESS to patients and colleagues in the medical profession of the need for a personal relationship with and a commitment to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord..

• EMFI presents MEDICAL MISSIONARY needs to students and graduate members.  We seek to encourage them to respond God’s call to both established and start up ventures so as to strengthen the medical missionary enterprise at home and abroad.

• EMFI desires its members to be SALT and LIGHT, especially in the area of ethical medical practice in corporate, government and private practice.