ALONGSIDERZ is an initiative of EMFI that seeks to journey with doctors and dentists and their families, to enable personal and vocational formation and growth. As the name suggests, senior doctors will be available to accompany and share their lives with some of the younger individuals and families.

It involves periodic weekend gatherings of individuals / families for a time of reflection and interactive learning on topics like Intimacy with God, Relationships, Conflicts, Parenting and communicating within family, Understanding the next generation, Time management, Financial management, Spiritual disciplines, Calling and vocation, Values of life, Leadership etc.

The individuals / families are also connected to seniors through visits, phone calls, emails, thereby developing a meaningful and accountable relationship of sharing and caring with them.

For more details or if interested to be part of a group, please email us at

Have you ever felt the need for support as you face the pressures of living life with its different dimensions in an integrated way? Have there been challenges in practicing your profession in ways that are honoring God? Are there issues you are struggling with and desire a senior friend to accompany you on your journey?