Marriage Seminars

Marriage Seminar

Preparation for Marriage

Is it time to consider marriage?

….wondering how you can prepare yourself for this important decision that you are about to take, and honestly seeking His guidance?

EMFI has been conducting ‘Pre-Marriage’ week-end seminars to:

·      Discover the Biblical principles in choosing a life partner.

·      Prepare you for an exciting journey of a life-long commitment.

Some of the topics include:

·      God’s blue print for marriage.

·      Covenant relationship - leave and cleave.

·      Expect surprises. 

Watch out for the dates on the web-site.

If interested in joining for one or having a seminar in your area, please send an email to or call up 044-28361507.

Marriage Seminars

Your marriage had a wonderful start but though you love each other, the stress and strain of work / children / career/ relationships have taken a toll.

Well… take a break!

EMFI in partnership with Scripture Union Family Ministries –conducts week-end ‘Marriage Enrichment Seminars’ at a beach side Christian centre of Scripture Union named ‘Corner stone’ in Mahabalipuram, TamilNadu.

The centre is tastefully designed, and the ambience provides a time for togetherness, bringing back the love and romance in your marriage.

The teaching is Bible based and led by committed and trained marriage counselors.

It’s a great way to invest your short time; and you will have much to work-on to rediscover God’s plan that is sure to make a difference in our families.

Children are welcome.

Please look out for the dates of our next ‘Marriage Enrichment Seminars’.

If interested in joining for a seminar, please send an email to or call up 044-28361507.

The seminars can also be conducted in other areas on specific request.

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