Saline Process

Saline Process

Saline has three main elements:

    1. To understand the faith journey of a non-believer to Christ and train healthcare professionals to skillfully and confidently assess the spiritual condition of a patient.
    2. To reflect steps to a lifestyle, that displays Christ to patients, colleagues and family members.
    3. To provide 8 different practical tools to share Christ to our patients. The Saline process enables participants to personalize an approach to share the love of Jesus according to each patient’s needs.

Experiential learning methods, such as role-play and case studies, are used to explore:

    Principles of faith and Biblical knowledge.
    Strategies for overcoming barriers to spiritual care.
    Techniques for building spiritual relationships.
    Methods for encouraging patients to talk about their faith history.
    Means of communicating hope to patients.

Saline is for:

    1. The beginners who have a desire but do not know how to share Christ.
    2. Those who know that they have to share Christ but are too busy in their practice.
    3. For those who believe faith and good medical practice are not compatible.
    4. For those who mentor medical students to equip them to treat the whole person.

Type of Trainings:

Envisioning: 1 hour presentation of the main aspects of Saline.

Equipping: 2 days training to equip Christian Healthcare workers to reflect Christ through our life style and effective communication of the Biblical truth in few seconds or minutes.

Enlarging: 3 days training of trainers program (TOT) for people from different regions of India, so as to enlarge the number of Christian healthcare workers witnessing Christ throughout India and able to train others.

Follow-up: Continues through e-mails for 14 months following the initial training session. 

Mentoring & Accountability: Coaching from trainers to keep the vision for the Saline fresh in the minds of the participants.

Multiplication: Training of new Trainers.

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SALINE is a training process that equips healthcare professionals to impact their workplace for Christ by being the salt and light. The main purpose of the training is to enable every Healthcare Worker to understand and fulfill their role in the Great Commission.