The Footprints

“Footprints in the sand of time” is how history has been described by one author.

The “mission of God” is His footprints in the sand of times from creation till date.

The “Footprints”- a 1-day seminar takes you on a journey through history, tracing the footprints of God’s men and women, as they wrote the big story of God. It will open your eyes to see God unfold His story through the pages of the Bible and the history of man. Does this Great God have a place for you in His big picture and can you be a part of scripting His plan for the world? This 1-day seminar will be a captivating way of getting an answer to this important question.

How frequent, where and how?

The seminars are held 6 times a year at various locations. Look out for the next event advertised on the website. The seminar may also be conducted on request, to the Coordinator: or call us at 044-28361507/ 09840147909.