Mission Exposure

Medical students get a first-hand experience in the amazing ways the Lord uses doctors and other medical professionals, who are willing to entrust themselves to God, to impact communities for Christ. It is an eye opener, which gives a wider perspective of life and medical practice in challenging situations. It is also an opportunity to discern if God is calling you to serve in  needy areas.

What you need to know?

  • A mission trip will take 7 - 10 days, inclusive of travel.
  • The travel will be to a rural, poor, underserved area, where a mission hospital or an organisation is located.
  • EMFI will help in meeting some of the expenses for the trip, which includes boarding and lodging at the site. One-way fare for the journey can be offered to students, on request. You should be in your clinical years of MBBS/ BDS or doing internship. A group of 3-5 persons would be ideal.

If you are interested in making a mission trip, please email or write to EMFI giving your details:

  • Name & address.
  • Name of your college and year of study.
  • The month that is most convenient for you to make this trip.

For more details email us at imm.emfi@gmail.com or call us at 044-28361507/ 09840147909.