THE PRODIGAL SON- Luke 15: 11-32

Questions for discussion

  1. What did the second son enjoy as a son, in his father’s house? In spite of all these, why did he want to leave home? What does this teach us about human nature?
  2. Why did the Father agree to his demands and give him his share of the property even though it would have pained him to do so? What does this teach us about God’s way of dealing with us?
  3. What circumstances made the son to realize his foolishness? What do we infer about the pleasures of this world?
  4. What did the son have to admit to his father before he could be taken back? This process is called repentance. What does repentance mean? What are the steps towards repentance?
  5. What request did the son make to his father? How did the father respond? Why? See Ephesians 2:8-10.
  6. Reflect on the attitude of the older son? In spite of living in his father’s house, did he experience the father’s love?
  7. The older son was also lost, despite living in his father’s house. What group of people does he represent?